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Here you will discover responses to frequently posed printing questions. Our FAQs beneath should guide you with anything from shipping to design, goods to packing. We guess that answers your questions, however, if you can't locate what you're looking for, please let us know.

Ditto Copies is an online printing shop, which offer Book printing services in Jaipur. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How would I update my information?

Once you login into the profile, navigate to the App settings. You may reset your password, phone information and also how you'd like us to reach you there. Don't be concerned if you lose your passcode; it occurs to the best of us! You may obtain a recall by going to the login page and clicking the Forget your password or username link.

2. What happened to my order?

You may check your most recent purchases in your user's account Purchases app. This displays your present orders in the process as well as your finished orders. You may monitor the status of existing orders here, as well as rearrange previous tasks using identical graphic files.

3. What is the cost of delivery?

For our assured turnaround periods, all of our rates include pickup from your closest printing studio. Nevertheless, if you require it to be sent to a separate destination or sooner within our specified delivery dates, we may offer this facility at an additional fee. 

4. How do I make a payment?

Paychecks, direct payment, debit cards, and cash are all acceptable forms of payments. We accept credit cards as well (a 2 percent surcharge can apply). When we begin work, we must have complete payment. All of our online transactions are processed by Google, a secure transaction platform.

5. Where can I get in touch with you?

You may reach out to us personally and in fact by attending your nearest studio. We have, however, created a phone number that you may use to inquire about collaborating with us, technicalities, or sales inquiries. Simply go to our website link.

6. What are your hours of operation?

If you're looking for the hours of operation for your local studio, you may find it here. When you tap on the maps, you'll be sent to a page with information on the facility and its hours of operation. We can handle your purchases information anytime, but our assured response time is only a few days.

7. Where can I find a workshop near me?

On our website, you can find the location of your local studio. It will tell you the location of the facility on a map. Whenever you click on even a facility, you'll get information about its operating hours, service options, and personnel. They would be delighted to assist you in your advertising.

Services and products

1. What is the scope of your offerings?

We offer a variety of printed products. Business cards, pamphlets, pamphlets, rack cards, letterhead, stickers, invitations, billboards, and postcards are among our most popular products. Looking for something that isn't on our website? Make touch with your nearest studio.

2. How can I locate the goods that I'm searching for?

We've attempted to keep it as simple as possible for you to discover the perfect item for your requirements. You may see our whole product line here. When you hold your cursor over the Printing pricing option, you can additionally see our goods. These items are displayed in ascending order of popularity. When you select an item, you may adjust the printing choices based on how thickness you would like the material to be or if you need any additional finishing choices for your graphic, such as cut-out forms. Eventually, on your profile dashboard select Location, a new purchase now to pick goods.

3. Will my item be precisely the same if I reorder?

This depends on whether you choose that it is identical. When you rearrange a task, you may specify whether you need us to utilize the very same documents you previously supplied, submit a zip archive, or apply a few modifications for you. You may make necessary modifications to the content or pictures if you utilized a few of our themes.

4. What type of printing is used on my product?

Isn't all publishing the same? Postcards from ourselves are identical to those from the guy your cousin knows. Aren't those phone numbers cards from that small restaurant on the main street just as excellent as ours? Incorrect! They may seem similar, but comparing them is like contrasting apples to whales. We provide you with a product of 'business class' quality at a 'premium economy' price. Each purchase is printed by our world-class manufacturing hub, which is situated right here and in Jaipur.

5. How ecologically conscious are you?

We go to great lengths to eliminate print waste and limit our ecological impact. Our company is successful because we utilize as few assets as possible; fewer resources mean less wastage. We just couldn't have to give you this low pricing if we were expensive and corrupt.

6. How can I collaborate with Ditto Copies?

Did you enjoy what we are doing? Would you like to be a member of it? Awesome! You may collaborate with us in a lot of formats. We can market your designs unless you're a visual artist. You may sell your items with us unless you're a printing provider. You may also offer our printers, become a franchisee, or integrate Web-to-Print services into your business.

Ordering online

1. How can I edit themes on the internet?

To update a template, try clicking on the portion of the blueprint you wish to alter and you'll see choices to modify the text or picture on the right corner of the window. Because some elements of the design are not changeable, you would only be free to adapt the places which have an “edit” icon over them.

2. How should I go about uploading my files?

If the item you chose requires you to submit a document, we will prompt you to do so before adding it to your cart. Learn something about internet shopping.

3. What file types can I send?

We welcome Text files for submission and prefer that they be created in Adobe Creative Suite. We need your document to function and your object to print correctly, so please do read our Document Supply Handbook, which covers all you require to know to get the best of our high- quality production equipment.

4. How can I make an online purchase?

We've attempted to keep the ordering procedure as simple as possible, so you can just find the thing you would like in our range of products and submit it to your cart. We then allow you to customize your purchase so that the printed and finished item is appropriate for the work at hand. Afterwards, you pay using our safe checkout process. Learn more about purchasing online.

5. What happens when I make a purchase?

If you're utilizing a few of our layouts, we'll get to happen as quickly as you pay. If you've submitted your document for printing, we'll review it and then let you understand if it cleared our pre-flighting, whether modifications are required, or that you'd want us to repair it. Following that, our procedure is nearly entirely automated, resulting in dependable and strong service. You may also track the status of your order via the Orders app, which is included in your profile.

6. Are there any freebies available?

You certainly can! Simply click to join up for free trials.

Dispatch and delivery 

1. How fast do you send it?

We will work as soon as you require. Every product has an assured quick turnaround; adding that to your cart to discover what's offered. Select the level of service you require, which determines how soon we work.

2. What occurs if my purchase is not received on time?

Whenever your schedule is, we'll work with you to meet it. For the fastest response, select our top-notch service. When you're truly pressed for time, our Fair and equal collection offers same- day dispatch. Whatever you purchase is guaranteed by our delivery guarantee. In the unusual case that a portion of your purchase is not sent on time, we will issue a credit for the whole amount of your order.
This reward may be used for your future purchase. Uber, Ola and Dunzo, one of our trusted partners, will deliver your purchase.

3. What are the delivery options?

Uber, Ola and Dunzo, one of our trusted partners, would deliver your purchase. If you prefer to pick up, you may do this freely at any one of our facilities throughout Jaipur.

4. Is it possible for me to ship to a separate destination?

Absolutely. When you finish checkout, you have the option of having your order delivered to your invoicing address, an alternate location from your email account, or a new service address that you input right afterwards.

5. How can I update my shipping address once I've ordered?

If you need to alter the location to which your purchase will be shipped, we can generally do it at any moment while your purchase is still listed as ‘in process' on the Orders page. It would be too hard to alter your purchase after it has been completed.

6. To whom do you ship?

We can ship to any location in Jaipur. Please feel free to contact us whenever you require a delivery to a location outside of the United States.

7. How will my order be packed?

Your item will be shipped in the packaging provided by Ditto Copies. We impose a modest cost to establish our supply chain uniquely if you wish to get the item in simple packaging.
Our carrier also requires that Ditto Copies appear as the shipper on the shipment notification.

Payments and bill

1. How much do your items cost?

We provide a wide variety of products at a variety of pricing. Search our goods and pricing to locate the item you're looking for, but we'll let you understand the cost before you submit it to the cart. On average, our rates are reasonable and our performance is good. If you don't trust us, browse our Google consumer reviews discover what other customers like you believe of our services.

2. What do I do unless I have an inquiry related to my billing?

If you have a query regarding a bill or a transaction you've completed, please feel free to contact us.
Log in to the profile, then select the Purchases tab, following by the Billing option, to obtain bill printouts.

3. What is the significance of the GST charge?

Because we offer to a wide range of companies, all of our pricing is exclusive of GST. Our items are obliged by legislation to include GST. We'll apply GST just at a present rate to your purchase. If your purchase is GST-free, contact the local workshop, who would be ready to aid you.

4. Is the payment I'm about to make secure?

All internet payments are processed through our secure transaction channel, Google wallet. All payments are processed over encrypted pages on the payment channel provider's servers. Google wallet is a popular online payment service that is utilized all over the country. Please keep in mind that neither of our payment methods shares your credit card numbers with anybody, especially us at Ditto Copies, therefore you can be confident that your invoicing information is secure.

Refunds, returns and customer services

1. What should I do if something bad happens with my purchase?

We work together to ensure that your order is completed to our exacting quality. In the unusual case that you discover an error, please feel free to contact us as well as describe the situation. We'll do all we can to remedy that to your pleasure.

2. Is it possible to cancel my item?

When you've completed the checkout procedure, your purchase will begin the automated manufacturing process. We are unable to cancel your purchase after it has been started since it is made specifically for you.

3. I discovered an error in my order; may I modify it?

Please double-check your image before submitting it. By streamlining our whole process, we can provide amazing pricing. Once you unpack the package, the very first pair of human faces proofreading your work will become your own. We do not even would like you to be disappointed, so please double-check all contact information, dates, hours, addresses, pricing, and wording before submitting your purchase. If you discover an issue once you've placed your purchase, we're afraid that we won't be able to fix it.

4. What occurs if my purchase is not received on time?

Whenever your schedule is, we'll work with you to meet it. For the fastest response, select our top-notch service. If you're truly pressed for time, our Fair collection offers same-day dispatch. Anything you purchase is guaranteed by our service guarantee. In the unusual case that a portion of your purchase is not sent on a schedule, we will issue a credit for the whole amount of your purchase. This credit may be used for your future purchase. Uber and Ola, one of our trusted partners, would transport your purchase.

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